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I am a painter and percussionist from Oakland, California. My work over the past several decades has focused on my experiences studying music and folklore in Cuba, working on a collaborative artist’s research project called Secrets Under the Skin, and visits to, Ghana, Niger and Senegal, West Africa. My more recent work is loaded with memories of my travels, combined with current pre-occupations. Although my life has not always been a piece of cake, I find it necessary to paint positive images. I believe that every brush stroke contains one’s life history, and even positive images can contain elements of sobriety and pain.

I hold a BFA from UC Berkeley, and an MFA from San Francisco State University. My work has been exhibited throughout the greater Bay Area, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Alaska, Cuba, Ghana, and Senegal. I teach Drawing and Painting at the College of San Mateo, and am a member of a Cuban Son band called Nuevo Mundo.