Most of the images on this site are available for purchase as giclee prints. All prints measure 17” X 22”, unframed, and are printed on archival 100% cotton rag paper. Some prints are leafed by hand in faux-gold, silver, or copper, in keeping with the original paintings. Print prices include mailing costs, insurance and delivery confirmation. A percentage of the proceeds from each print in the Africa Series will be sent to the Wodaabi people in the Sahel to support the drilling of a new well. There is a $50 discount for prints purchased at the studio.

NOTE: Please make note of desired print title when looking through the galleries. This will be needed to fill out the form on PayPal.


I accept portrait commissions. I work in acrylic or oil on stretched canvas, and watercolor on paper. Please see contact information below and email me any questions you might have about working with me on a portrait.


To purchase an original painting please contact me at the email address below. Some paintings are also available through the Museum of Modern Art Artist’s Gallery in San Francisco:

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